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Mission Statement & What my Customers Say.

Mr Stuart Farmer — 5 star

We had all but given up hope of ever considering taking Rocky for a walk, due to his nervousness and behavioural problems.

When we rescued him from Dogs Trust after he had been there for 6 months they told us he had been assessed by their Dog Behaviour Specialists and he was beyond help. Also 2 Dog trainers had worked with Rocky with no improvement.

Rocky hated everything except us. The Dogs Trust only let us have him as I had grown up with Boxers and we had a very large garden where he could play safely with no animals and no children.

I contacted Ken on the advise of a friend who had used his services. Im so very glad that I did.

Thanks to Ken we now have a very happy contented and balanced dog who has had his first short walk with me today.........

what a fantastic feeling .....and no problems!

Rocky now has a great future! And our life has become so much easier..

We also have some fantastic pictures of Rocky and Merv the Bullmastiff together, would never have thought that was possible.

It truly is a kind of magic for us all and I just want to thank Ken from the bottom of my heart and recommend him to anyone who has any kind of problem with their dog...you have nothing

to lose and everything to gain.

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Mission Statement

I believe that everyone should have a fabulous relationship with their dogs. My goal is to help you create that wonderful bond. By getting a better understanding of your dog's needs, I work with you to help safeguard your family and resolve unbalanced and unwanted behaviour. Let me show you and your family how to form a strong connection with your dog and enjoy a magical life experience together.

My work is natural and fast working. I can fix minor behavioural issues on one of my online coaching courses.  I only work with people that are committed to the rehabilitation of their dogs, and are prepared to put the required work in to keep their dogs happy and balanced.

"If you always do what you always did, then you'll always get what you always got"

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