Zen Dog Whispering

With Ken Stronach

It's a Kinda Magic Tel. 07866 620933


I have been around dogs my whole life. I had my first dog when I was just six years old, and with the help and guidance from my father, I learned to train my dog. From that moment, I was hooked. My first dog became my first best friend, and being lucky enough to have a Military father that was a very experienced dog handler and trainer, Watching my Father I studied and learned as much as could from his teachings.

I have also been a Martial Arts Practitioner for over 43 years, studying Karate, Aikido and Japanese sword. I have visited and trained in many countries around the world, and through my Martial Arts and Zen studies I found there was a primal calm energy that crossed over between human and dogs; a sensory communication.

Ive focused on working with that powerful, calm energy to developing strong leadership values and skills that can be taught and passed on to my customers.

Getting involved with charity and community work is very important to me and in 2016 I was awarded a "Pride of Swindon" Award.

My Zen Dog Whispering Formula..

My Formula is both logical and empowering for the dog and their owners, I always work with Nature.

I can help your dog with their issues, making the changes that you require, and you as the owner can learn to maintain that change with my guidance. Your dog will be able to just ‘be a happy dog’ and a happy well balanced dog at that.

We must use Patience, persistence, and consistency to bring a dog back to a well balanced state of mind, I work with the owners to teach them the required skills and knowledge that will show them how to become a pack leader that their dog will want to follow.

A calm assertive energy is always my approach when rebalancing a dog.

Im not a dog trainer, dog training is more about word association, human to K9 communication, reward for actions.

I can help you with this, it’s not really what I do. I like to ‘rebalance’ a dog by pushing the dog's natural reset button so that it is not experiencing human induced psychological issues.

Aggression, anxiety, obsessions etc. are all symptoms of a human induced psychological issue;

I can help you to identify the required course of action to help your dog find the happy balanced state of mind that will make you, your dog and your family happy.

The objective is always to return the dog to a balanced state of mind, and teach the owners how to maintain this state. It is worth remembering that unlike humans, dogs live in a 'now' state of mind and they are a lot happier and a lot more willing to ‘let go’ of their human induced mental baggage.