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Working with owners that are proactive about changing their dogs behaviour for the better, I use powerful, natural, calm energy to connect and communicate with their dogs, helping them to be more positive and respectful in the way they behave and interact with their environment, always working with nature.

The most important part of my work is with the dogs owner. Teaching them my proven Zen Dog Whispering Formula and showing them how to become a calm, strong pack leader. Empowered by the wonderful relationship that can be created

when a dog bonds naturally with its trusted pack leader.

I believe that it is so important to teach the dogs owners how to understand and communicate with their dog, also how to feed their needs as a breed and pack animal..

I always work with Nature and base all relationships (both human and canine) on trust and respect..

There are four options listed below. Please have a look and see which you think would suit you the most. Please don't hesitate to call me if you nee help deciding.

Option 1 - 121 Zen Dog Coaching Day

Is a re-balance day which involves a home visit, sitting down with the owner and discussing the issues regarding the dogs behaviour and assessing the way forward.

Every dog and owner is different so i always adapt my work around their needs.

I work with the dog to naturally rebalance their mindset. I build a connective relationship with the dog based on mutual respect and trust, allowing me to positively influence the dogs outlook on its environment and its position within the family/pack.

I then usually take the dog for a walk so I am able to reinforce the relationship and bond with the dog. Returning the dog home, I will run through exercises with the owner enabling them to maintain and continue improving the dogs behaviour, building a wonderfully fulfilling relationship with their dog.

I have a 100% success rate with this system.

The cost of the re-balance day is £299.00

I Guarantee to improve the behaviour of your dog in one day or....

I won't charge you a penny !!

I have over 65 customer reviews on my Zen Dog Whispering Facebook page.

please have a read through and see how my customers rate my work.

Option 2 - Complete Puppy package and 18 months support

Selection advice on the best breed of dog to add value to your life and how to introduce your puppy into you home and family.

Then zen dog whispering training days at 3 month, 6 months, 12 months

and 18 months. Advice and help for the duration.

Getting it right from the start can make you life easier and much happier

This course is charged at £1500.00

In addition, I do charge a small amount towards travel costs,

depending on where in the country you live,

please contact me with your post code for a quote.

Tel. 07866 620933



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