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Amanda Franks — 5 star

Who knew??? Ken speaks dog and he spoke to my three dogs and they calmed. He taught me to be bilingual 

Dog/English and life is calm, happy and all relationships within the household have improved. You have to see it 

on your dog to believe it. I was very sceptical but am a convert!

Wendy Vaughan— 5 star

I would just like to say thankyou so much to ken and merv for having stig my staffie while I was away for 5 weeks. Previous to this ken had stig for one day as she ruled my life. I was frightened to take her out for walks as she was very aggressive. I would go late at night or very early. She would jump all over people when they came to the house. That is just the main things. In just that one day she came back to me a calm and happier dog. Ken gave me advice that i followed. She was a different dog.

he had her then when I went away she had a great time. Ken would send me photos and videos of her regularly which would make me cry with happiness. Like playing with other dogs cuddling up with merv running by the side of ken on a bike ride. Amazing to see as she hasnt been with other dogs for years. Ive

got her back now and she is a different dog. She is a pleasure to take out now and is very well behaved. Also two years ago she killed a kitten by shaking it. Now she is living in a house with two. They have given her a few swipes and she now leaves them alone.

Im so pleased with the work that ken has done with stig. I would highly recomend him to anyone who has a problem with there dog.

Also to stay with when on holiday instead of a kennel as stig came back happy fit and healthy. Thank you so much.

Lots of kisses from stig and a big hug from me Wendy Vaughan

Mr Stuart Farmer — 5 star

We had all but given up hope of ever considering taking Rocky for a walk.

When we rescued him from Dogs Trust after he had been there for 6 months they told us he had been assessed by their Dog Behaviour Specialists and he was beyond help.

He hated everything except us.

They only let us have him as I had grown up with Boxers and we had a large garden where he could play and on orders.............no animals, no children.

I contacted Ken on the advise of a friend and we are all very glad that I did.

Thanks to Ken we now have a happy contented dog who has had his first short walk with me today.........what a fantastic feeling .....and no problems!

Small steps to a great future!

We also have some fantastic pictures of Rocky and Merv together.

It truly is a kind of magic for us all and I just want to thank Ken from the bottom of my heart and recommend him to anyone who has any kind of problem with their dog...you have nothing

to lose and everything to gain .

Sue MacDonald5 star It is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen watching Ken work with a dog. It certainly is a kind of magic

Kelly Haynes5 star

I had tried everything, training classes, one 2 one dog trainers and gotten nowhere, and today myself and dexter met Ken, and little did we realise all we needed to do was re focus our energy (me especially!)

I had created so many bad habits letting dex control things and I hadn't realised. Dexter was a dog that I couldn't walk without a constant pull and a bit of a naughty bugger really but, always with a great nature and I knew there was a better dog in there somewhere. After ken working with him, he is and will become a well behaved calm walkable dog, I couldn't be happier and I'm looking forward to a new start for Dex and I both. I highly recommend Ken and his zen ways, it really is a kind of magic - thanks Ken

Leigh Bell5 star There are several things that I could say about Ken & his four legged stead Merv but the truth is it would be easier to show you the destruction and chaos that we were surrounded by before they came to our rescue.

My beloved Titan is now calm and relaxed, I'm no longer playing a game of life vs dog everyday and we have a lot more fun together he isn't a raging ball of energy and excitement and i still have all my hair!

Just trust me. Call Ken.

Donna Pope5 star Can highly recommend Ken! Our 8 mth old silly staffy spent 3 days with him and has come home well behaved and alot calmer! Ken is spot on and very helpful :-) Can't thank him enough :-) x

Sarah Edwards5 star Watching Ken work with our dogs was amazing. He got them so calm and well behaved without saying a word. You have to see it to believe it. It's been a couple of weeks now since he worked with us and the dogs, and they have changed so much. They are calmer in the house, which makes us calmer too! We have kept up all the techniques that Ken taught us, and do them regularly so the dogs don't forget. Highly recommend.

Michelle Smith5 star

We asked for Ken's help after bringing a lab puppy to join the family when we already had a Westie. The westie's behaviour had changed and the lab puppy needed to learn basic manners and respect. We were woken by the Westie wailing from 2am onwards and the lab was then barking. Neither dog was relaxed and we had very poor lead control.

With Ken's help, we were soon able to see that the dogs were in a high state of emotion because they thought they owned everything, had responsibility for guarding everything and we're not able to relax at all.

Ken helped us regain ownership of our home and allowed us to invite the dogs back into OUR home (not theirs).

The relationship is completely different and the calm energy that the dogs are demonstrating is beyond words.

Now it is up to us to keep up all of the work Ken has put in. Maintaining all we have learnt will make the world of difference to Maisie and Boo and we would not hesitate to recommend Ken to anyone at all.

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